I do really have a 14 year old cat named Annie, and she was a rescued feral cat.   That is Annie in the cover photo.    We do have a kitten named Annie Jr. although he is bigger now that Annie.   He was supposed to be a female and we had him several months before we discovered that Annie Jr. was really a boy.   He too was a rescued feral cat but both Annie’s are very loving.   A great deal of the time, one of them is either on the back of my chair or in my lap when I write.   Annie does act motherly towards Annie Jr.   Annie’s real son is Norbert.  And we also have a Mary Jane Marie (Janey) and Snoop Dog (Snoopy).   Yes Din-yell does have a St. Bernard and a pig!

With the exception of Kiko, (who’s name is really Cocoa) all the animals who represent animals in real life have their real names and all the humans who are actual human’s have some form of their real names.   Some of the animals, like Christmas Carol the pig are made up.   Some of the people are made up, like Chad.   One of my favorite characters is a real person, however I have never met him.   Duh-Wayne is real.   I have never met him but he is a faithful reader.    Occasionally, I am right on point with some of his antics.

Some of my stories are loosely based on the truth.    Dog trouble, for example, in part actually happened.    I also like tying my past into the present and bring to life some of my favorite childhood memories.

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