Life with my cat Annie.


I am just a 50 year old every day person, except I tell cat stories.  It started when I was 11 with a special friend I had named Clem and then continued on a bigger scale with Annie and now Annie Jr.

Because I have been telling cat stories for so long my daughter suggested that I blog them.    I have become so passionate about it.   Mostly because of my audience.

I have always doubted myself.   I think we all do.   I have toyed over the years with writing some cat stories but I was never sure how to start them and I felt that my audience, (close family and friends) only endured my stories.

I have gotten some unexpected feed back from  people.   I do share my stories publicly but only with a small circle of my social media friends.   I figured most people don’t read it, but every once in a while someone will come tell me they loved my most recent story and my stories are being read by people outside my social circle by word of mouth.  I have a few faithful readers.

With all of that said, I have decided to step off into some unchartered waters.   I am considering putting the Annie stories into book form, but the blog is my heart and soul.   I want to keep it.   My goal is this, continue the blog for a year.   A years worth of stories, would make a fine book.  Serious editing is needed and planned along with some art work.    If in fact a book became a reality, I would continue writing the blog, as my draft for future books.

Many of my stories are based loosely on actual events.  I just embellish them and tell my imagined version of events.     Both of the Annie’s are real and many of the character’s are based on real people or animals.    With the exception of Kiko, whose real name is Cocoa all of the animals based on real pets have their real names.   Those character’s based on real people have a made up name in many cases based on their real names.  Some characters and animals are just completely made up.   Annie’s friend Chad, completely made up.   The cat, Scraggs, is a feral cat in our neighborhood.

A couple people have requested I add a pet or themselves to a story.   I love this idea because it assists me in creating new stories.    So far the response to this has been good.   The stories have been funny, and I worried a little bit about perhaps ticking some people off, when I poked fun however, when I hear the comment, I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe, I know I am doing the right thing.

I had originally decided to go no holds bar with the Annie stories, however, I found I had a  couple mom’s reading the stories to their kids so I toned it down a bit.    But the age range of people reading it is wide.   One of my biggest fans is a guy around my age.    I’ve never met him but he is in a few stories.

I am asking my audience to follow me here.   Just create an account here and you will get updates.   There is an app for it as well to get the quickest updates.   Once that is complete, you can interact, like a story, hate a story, give me some feed back.    If you want to be in a story or want your pet included, let me know.    If you have some idea no matter how small, let me know.

It’s all about you guys.   Growing up my biggest goal was to be a writer.   At fifty you are just kind of settled in where your path has taken you and some goals get lost along the way, but once in a while, a lost goal becomes a reality.   My reason for writing and telling stories was to move someone emotionally and since laughter is such a positive emotion, I enjoy making that happen.   Putting my stories into book form would just widen my audience.

So if you are reading and liking, please follow me, share with friends word of mouth is so useful and above all talk to me.   Faithful readers…be well.