I mentioned that Annie likes the Walking Dead.    She likes a lot of shows, watching the entire series over the course of several days.      Since the Walking Dead just had the season finale, it’s time for her to start watching the entire series again on Netflix.    She says it is her tradition to watch the season finale, and then the series over again.   I am not sure how that is a tradition because this was the first time we watched the season finale when it was  aired , we have only been watching a year.

Typically, this kind of show is not my style, all that blood and gore, and am not a huge fan of TV.      Annie’s actions were the reason I even started watching it.       Her intent was not for me to start watching, Rick and his pals, it just sort of worked out that way.

Anyway spends a lot of time on the internet. especially youtube.   She loves youtube, she will start out watching an innocent Tom and Jerry episode and next thing you know she is watching one of those disgusting zit popping video’s or some old redneck yanking out his tooth with a string attached to the bumper of an old beat up truck.    Honestly it is usually that sort of stuff she watches and it was youtube where she got the idea.


Awhile back, I had a headache and I was going to get a pill and Annie says, “Sit, Slam, you worked hard all day.” It was a Saturday.     But stupidly I allowed her to bring me an ‘ass-burn’ as she calls it.    I should have known the flags were all there, Annie being nice…ding ding.   And the fact that EVERY single time one of us has allowed Annie to dispense medicine, it turns into a disaster.   She buys these weird medications and remedies on the internet, then tries them out on people.   Most of the time her intentions are good, like when she tried to cure K8’s sore throat and K8 wound up needing her tonsils removed.    But other times….and you guessed it; it was one of those times.

I took the pill, a green and yellow tablet….(sometimes I am as dumb as Annie).  I did not eat the  breakfast she made, buckets of birds over grits and a side of mouse intestines.   I passed on the skunk pee tea as well.

The next day I was pretty sick, throwing up and feeling just awful.    It got worse and I went to the hospital.   My intestines were blocked so I had to have surgery.   That wasn’t even the worst part, the worst part was I would have to poop in a bag.   Honest, they poked my intestines through my stomach and the poop poured into a bag I wore on my stomach.

My intestines were blocked by a slinky, that was what was in the pill Annie gave me.    She saw someone on youtube that had a blockage and needed a bag.  Annie bought the slinky pill on the internet hoping to block my intestines so I would have to use a bag.     Annie figured she would make a ton of money with easy access to my poop.    She likes us to not flush but I always do.

Then after all of that, I am officially crapping in a bag, Annie goes to empty the poop from my bag into her bucket and she starts screaming at me that it is the wrong texture.   “Poop soup, Slam?  You idiot!”  Then she slaps me in the face.   One of the nurses came in and told Annie not to worry that it would get better when I started to eat.

Annie tried several diets for me, even started sneaking in bits of buckets of birds in my food and it never did improve much.    So I dealt with this for many many months before it was fixed and back to normal and it was during that time, that I was home not able to do much of anything other than breathe, I started watching TV.

Mostly old reruns, I had to stop doing that when Annie got addicted to Bewitched and started using witchcraft.    My son was watching the Walking Dead one day and I watched a couple episodes and it seemed kind of cool so my boyfriend and I started the series on Netflix.

Of course, Annie laid at the end of the bed crunching a bucket of hot buttered popped eyeballs.    Every day a few more episodes, and Annie was obsessed.   She saw Walkers all over, she kept begging us to go out and do a supply runs.    She started calling me Rick, but since she confuses her R’s and D’s it never sounds like Rick.    My son has a friend named Carl who is a frequent guest to our home, Annie started this thing where she yells, “CORAL!” whenever she sees him.    Then when Michonne and Rick get together she starts calling my boyfriend Michonne,   I said, “But Rick is a boy and I am a girl.”   Her response, “Slam what color are you?   What color is Dad? Duh?”     So we were most of the way through the series, before Annie decided who she really wanted to be, she liked being Eugene.

I liked it when she was Eugene.     If we went out any place, she simply rode in the back pack, saying quietly, “Walkers Dick.” But Eugene is now Negan.    I HATE that, because now Annie is Negan.

She loves the role and has adapted to it well.



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