AI am not sure why Annie can just adore a new member of the family and then absolutely despise another; and she dislikes more than she likes.    Like I said, we have a dog named Moo, we got Moo several years after we got Annie.    Moo was all little and cute and got a lot of attention, so Annie has always hated her.   Our course, Gladys was little and cute too but it’s Annie.


Even her son, Norbert, it is kind of hard to tell how Annie really feels about him.   Sometimes, she will say, ‘C’mere, son,” and she will lovingly kiss his head.   Other times, she isn’t so nice.   For example, Norbert has always loved baseball.     He plays really well for a cat.    Once; on Little House, the girls played a game called 3 a cat.   It is similar to baseball so of course Annie insisted on Norbert playing it all the time because it was a ‘cat’ game.    Norbert got really good at it.   He was even going to play professionally, Annie was all on board with it,  up until she found out that Norbert might make more money than her and get more famous than her and she grounded him from playing for life.     For a long time, she would not allow him to even watch it, but now he does on occasion.    My boyfriend watches it and Norbert loves watching it with him, however, if Annie catches him she has a tantrum.    So it’s really hard to tell how she really feels about him.    I think she loves him but she just thinks of herself first.

Annie, Norbert and Moo are not our only pets.    About four years ago, we got two kittens, they were supposed to be sisters, but they were actually brother and sister.    The boy is an orange tiger, named Snoop Dog but we think he is more like a Snoop Lion cause he is all about peace.     He is the cat that breaks up fights among the other animals, and he loves Moo.   He likes rubbing against her, licking her, and snuggling with her.   The dog definitely belongs to him.     He is also, totally belongs to my boyfriend.    I only wanted one kitten, Snoopy’s sister, Mary Jane Marie, she is a beautiful little calico; however, my boyfriend really wanted an orange cat and he did not want to break up siblings so we took them both.   One for me, one for him and Snoopy just knew who’s cat he was.   He likes basketball and can often be found sitting watching it with his Dad.   They all call my boyfriend ‘Dad’ and I am Slam or as Mary Jane calls me Slammie Ellen.   (I know I know and my middle name is not even Ellen.)

Annie seems to get along pretty well with Snoopy and I think it is because he will tag team with her.    It’s the only thing Snoopy does wrong.    If there is food out, Snoopy, Annie and Moo work as a unit to get it, some old chicken bones in the garbage, yep they are on a mission.    But he probably wouldn’t even do it if it weren’t for Annie.    He likes Annie.   She uses him to her advantage, but she doesn’t hate him.

Mary Jane Marie, who we call Janey, Annie does hate.    Annie says, that Janey is ugly and looks like someone threw buckets of paint all over her.    She is very colorful, with white, black, gray, tan, brown, and orange all through her.    Annie often screams, “Look at her one color around her left eye another color on the right, and her stupid ears two different colors.”   She even made up a song, about Janey.   It is to the tune of the “Farmer in the Dell. ”   It goes, “Mary Jane Marie, Mary Jane Marie….she is so UG-I-LEE…Mary Jane Marie.”

It’s really sad too because Janey really loves Annie.    Early on, Annie took her aside and told her all the things she should do to get me to love her.    Now I don’t mind an occasional cat jumping in my lap but Annie pushed Janey to take that over the top.    It’s very rare that I can sit down someplace without Janey jumping into my lap.    Sometimes she does it so much, I am so used to it, I don’t even realize she is there.    Even worse is that Annie told her how important it is for her to jump with her claws out and dig in hard when getting into my lap.    I have told her time and time again that Annie just told her that to get me to NOT like her but her answer is, “I love Annie, she is my friend and she is the smartest cat in the world.”   It is true that the kittens first words were, ‘Annie smartest CAT in the world.’   That’s because Annie started training them early.


See, she wanted minions to do her bidding and for the most part they do.    A couple years back, the local crazy cat lady, had about a hundred cats in her house, and these people came in wearing these crazy space suits and decided that this lady had too many cats and that she had to clean up all the poop in her house.    Guess who was over there in a crazy space suit supervising and guess what two minions were over there driving bull dozers and dump trucks cleaning up a ‘gold mine’ of poop unprotected by crazy space suits?  Yep, Annie and the kittens.    Oh she was totally excited about that.    She is even gifting new cats to the crazy cat lady.    We had another cat named Jackie Nermal…she and Annie hated each other too.     One day, Annie pushed Jackie Nermal out the door and started screaming, “Ding ding ding, free cat.”  and that crazy cat lady got her.    I saw her a few times, and begged her to come home.   She won’t she tried getting into the poop business herself and kept Annie from getting all of the jackpot, but it takes skill to make product from poop.  Her poop factory failed, she wound up making simply poop soup and it smelled like poop too however there was some corn floating around in it,  so she sold the rest of it to Annie.    Now Jackie Nermal is producing zillions of kittens to keep productivity going and she sells the product to Annie.   So I guess it worked out.

Both of the kittens, work in the poop factory, however only part time.   They are still in school.    Janey likes to read, and she gets really good grades.     She is really shy and doesn’t have many friends.    Annie won’t let her claiming Janey needs one friend…her.    Even though she is smart academically, she isn’t when it comes to Annie.   She still insists that Annie is the smartest even though, Annie still can’t tell her colors.   Once I was determined to teach Annie her colors.   I sat for 10 hours with a piece of black paper saying, “This is black Annie. Now what color is this?”   Annie said, “Pink.”   I repeated it over and over again.   Occasionally she would deter from the pink and ask, “Red?”   I gave up and I have tried to explain to Janey that if Annie can not tell her colors she is not really smart but Janey insists that Annie is smart,  never lies and most of the time she is nice.  She just doesn’t see how mean Annie is.

Annie goes to Mardi Gras every year and last time she booked her holiday trip, and decided to invite Janey.   Janey had been begging Annie to go.   Kiko and Alley were going too and Janey likes both of them and really wanted to go.   Annie finally agreed, to let Janey go.    Annie had a five day vacation planned.   Annie, Kiko and Alley, teleported there and she told Janey there was no room for her.   Annie has a dozen teleporters and there is no ‘room limit’.   Annie made Janey get there by scooter.   It takes 5 days to drive there by scooter and Annie would not let Janey leave early.    Of course, Janey started off on her scooter with a back pack.    By the time she got there, Annie, Kiko and Alley, were checking out of their hotel and getting ready to teleport home.     Thankfully, this time, Annie allowed Janey to teleport back with them.   I tried in vain to explain to Janey how mean Annie was but Janey believes Annie was nice to invite her and did teleport her back.    Annie only allowed it because I made her.   Janey had been driving that scooter five days straight.   Annie gave her this crazy map that went over mountains, through deserts and over an ocean to get there.     There was even a random volcano she had to drive through.   Annie was hoping a buzzard would get her in the desert.    Sighs.

Having pets is a difficult challenge.    Janey, just tried to jump in my lap, missed and clawed herself down my leg.   I tossed her off my lap because hopefully she will learn if she wants to sit in my lap, no claws; however Annie tells Janey when I toss her off my lap it is a human way of expressing love.    I can’t win with Annie, she is mad at me currently anyway, she said I distort the truth in my blogs and make her seems a horrible cat.   She says though that people really love her and can see beyond my ‘fake news.’










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