One of Annie’s favorite things is her video camera.   She likes to photo-shop people into video’s.   There was a video of that goat running around bucking people on facebook, Annie photo shopped me and my boyfriend into that one and Annie’s voice making the goat talk.   It’s still funny, but sometimes it’s annoying because she sets people up and sort of stages a video but only she knows it  is going on.


Anyway, I have an older daughter, Annie calls her  Aunt Din-yell, and she has a little girl, named K8(K-eight).   They recently bought a puppy named Lars.   Lars is a very big puppy though, Lars is a Saint Bernard.  Annie is so insanely jealous that when a new pet comes into the family she instantly hates it and thinks of ways to get rid of it.

The other night, my daughter and K8 were taking my niece Paulie home and Paulie had all of her things in the back end of the car.    Din-yell had this big glass elephant planter and Paulie had been begging Din-yell to give it to her.   Paulie wore her down and this elephant planter is sitting in the back end with all of her other stuff.   Lars and K8 are in the back seat and Din-yell is up in front driving with Paulie next to her.   What they don’t know is Annie is in the back with Paulie’s stuff, with her camera set up and ready to go.


They get onto the Thruway and they are going fast, and Annie is in the back going, “Pssstttt, Lars,” the dog turns around and Annie has a dog bone in her hand.   Lars jumps into the back, Annie drops the bone in the elephant planter.   Lars sticks his head into the planter to get the bone and gets his head stuck in it.    Lars starts wagging his head to get it off while trying to eat the bone at the same time and he is banging it into the windows.   K8 starts screaming and  Paulie starts screaming and Din-yell starts screaming and Annie teleports herself from her hiding place in the back right next to K8.   She grabs a megaphone off the floor in the back and starts yelling, “go Lars go, hit that window hard!”  Then she jumps in the back, screaming, singing the wonder pets song, “There’s a dog with his head in a planter, wonder pets we are on our way!”  She takes some Vaseline rubs it around Lar’s head and yanks the planter off.   She climbs up next to K8 and tosses a bone on the seat and says, “Come on Lars, here’s a bone.   Good Boy.”   “Sorry Aunt Din-yell I didn’t know he would get his head stuck.”


They get home and Aunt Paulie gets out of the car and starts walking into the building with her planter and she steps right into a mushy puddle of mud and poop Annie and Alley made while Aunt Paulie was at  Din-yell’s visiting.   Aunt Paulie slips and falls right into that mushy poopy mud puddle and her elephant planter flies up in the air.   Annie laughing,  her crazy laugh, into the megaphone.     Thankfully, the planter landed on Aunt Paulie.   It probably didn’t feel too good, but the planter is safe.    And Din-yell is keeping Lars.    I doubt Annie will give up though.   She is still trying to get rid of our dog Moolarvey (we call her Moo).   We have had Moo almost nine years!

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