Another of Annie’s close friends is a cat named Alley, she belongs to my niece Paulie.   Annie and Alley are often driving around on their scooters, going to do some girls night out type things and occasionally Alley will come to a poker game but that is usually just a Kiko thing.


Annie, the news junkie, saw that video of that huge rooster circulating the internet.   Of course, when I came home from work last night, we have a new family member, a huge rooster named Pete.

Annie is an animal collector, she has several sanctuaries for them.   The one humane thing she does.    But she collects these animals and for a while they are a great novelty and then they wear off and they go to the sanctuary.    Occasionally she will bring one home for a few days and she does visit the sanctuaries often.    However she does have her favorites.

One of them is a turkey named, Clyde.    She bought Clyde several years ago for Thanksgiving.    Her intention was deep fried turkey.    She fed him nonstop and gave him some growth hormone until he was above 150 pounds.    By that time she was attached to him so he was spared.

Clyde and Pete did not get along so Annie asked Alley to take Clyde over night until Pete got used to things.    Seriously in a few days, Pete will be at the sanctuary.    Annie could have let them teleport to Aunt Paulie’s.  She wanted Alley to drive him on her scooter in a wagon, several miles.   Alley suggested the sidecar so Clyde would be contained in it because there is a hood on it.   Clyde likes to run along side and fly a little, he will stay right with you but Annie is afraid he will loose weight.    So Alley was forced to take Clyde to her house with the scooter and wagon.

Annie has secret spy camera’s all over so she can see Alley driving home.   Clyde flies out and Alley has to chase him and it happens several times on her drive home.   Of course, Annie is watching it all and gets mad at Alley.    All I can hear is Annie’s side of the conversation which is tainted with curse words and several “Bye Felicia’s” for emphasis.

However, it seems they have made up because they are going to the parade today.   They go every year.    I am babysitting Clyde and Pete, they are getting along fine now, Annie told Pete that Clyde hated roosters.   Clyde loves roosters.    I will have to explain to them that they can’t let Annie know they like each other, she is so jealous.    (This is Ammie:  You liar SLAM!   Stupid fat face..second blog and you are insulting me.    Ding Ding Ding Fake News….Slam lies…Ammie is never jealous.)   Sighs….this is totally why she is not getting a twitter account.


The parade, I never go.   Annie does.   She has a float for her poop factory.    It’s a big piece of poop, complete with flies and stench, wet mushy poop comes out of it leaving a stream in the street.   Her workers and clones, dressed as poop march along beside it and throw poop shaped candy, it’s legit candy, made in her factory.   I’ve smelled it….it smells like chocolate…but I am not  tasting it.   However, every once in a while I will be eating something and Annie will say, “I make that in the factory.”

Anyway, her float is the total reason I won’t go to parades anymore.    It’s not the whole float itself, it’s the fact people love it.    They literally scream and shout when they hear Annie’s music.    She and Kiko ride the float playing some blue grass and they have huge speakers.    This year I think they are doing something different.    She said something about Evil clowns on scooters so I think they are riding along behind the poop float or maybe ahead of it.

I am sure I will hear how the parade went later on.    Annie will stagger in around midnight or later and I will hear about it.




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